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From Few Words to Fluent: My Journey of Learning English Through Music

Despite feeling excited about the change, when my mom decided to switch me from a French school to an English-speaking one, I faced a small problem—I knew only a few English words and struggled to speak the language well. Still, I took the leap and embraced the challenge of immersing myself in a new linguistic environment.

As I settled into my new school, I quickly realized that becoming fluent in English wouldn't be easy. I felt lost in conversations swirling around me, unable to grasp their meanings amidst unfamiliar sounds and expressions. on top of that, I faced bullying from some students who had the advantage of picking up accents during their summer vacations with their parents in London and other English-speaking places.

Determined to overcome this hurdle, I gathered my courage and proposed to one of my teachers the idea of extra English classes for students like me. To my surprise, many of my classmates were silently facing the same language barriers but lacked the confidence to speak up.

Encouraged by this collective desire to improve, the school agreed to implement extra English classes, giving us dedicated time to work on our language skills.

But my journey to master English didn't stop there. With tests and assessments looming over me, I searched for ways to learn faster. I turned to music, a passion that had always moved me. Armed with only a pen and paper, I dove into the lyrics of artists like Tupac Shakur & Michael Jackson , carefully studying each word from the back cover inside the cassettes’ box (I am an old school)

With every verse, my understanding of English grew like; WOW!

Through Tupac's powerful storytelling and poetic talent, I not only learned English but also felt the raw emotion and passion behind each word.

Similarly, Michael Jackson's music also played a significant role in enhancing my language skills. His catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics captivated me, allowing me to absorb English in a fun and engaging way. As I immersed myself in the rhythms of his songs, I discovered new words and phrases, expanding my vocabulary and deepening my connection to the language.

Music became not just a source of entertainment but also a valuable tool for my English language journey.

As I reflect on my journey of learning English, I'm reminded of the valuable lessons it has taught me.

Embracing change and facing challenges head-on has led to remarkable growth and opportunities. Speaking up about struggles and proposing solutions not only helped me but also revealed that many others silently shared similar obstacles.

Persistence and creativity in utilizing resources, such as music, proved essential in accelerating my language learning journey.

Finding inspiration in unexpected places, like the storytelling of Tupac Shakur and the melodies of Michael Jackson, highlighted the importance of staying curious and open-minded.

Ultimately, my journey underscores the power of determination and the endless possibilities that arise from a willingness to learn and adapt.


-Lead with creed, lead with character-


Dr. Houssam Makki

True Leadership Catalyst & Character-Building Coach

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