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From the realms of network marketing to the creation of the MAKKI method

My passion was triggered by a seemingly ordinary entry into the realm of network marketing in 2010, Little did I know that this step would lead me into uncharted territories, opening doors to experiences that would shape my path, it turned out to be a transformative odyssey.

All thanks to my venture in this business, especially the offering of free training sessions that became the catalyst for a profound transformation.

During these training sessions, the concept of leadership unfolded before me, challenging my preconceived notions. Prior to this, I had believed that leadership was reserved for those with academic achievements. We were ingrained with the idea of accepting and obeying societal norms rather than being taught to lead.

As the sessions progressed, a stark contrast emerged between the theories shared in the training hall and the practical realities in the field. This dissonance fueled my curiosity and marked the inception of a unique love story with leadership.

This love story was not one of conventional romance but a passionate affair with understanding, growth, and introspection. Each contradiction observed became a stepping stone, leading me to unravel the intricacies of leadership that extended far beyond the conventional narratives.

This marked the turning point when I resolved to delve into the world of leadership, fueled by a desire to gain deeper insights and knowledge. As I embarked on this educational journey, a fervent wish to share the profound principles of leadership began to blossom within me.

In due course, my passion evolved into a dedicated pursuit of personal growth. After a few years, I found myself standing on stage, facilitating mastermind sessions, and embracing the role of a coach.

What made this journey truly remarkable was the exposure to numerous contradictions and challenging situations. These experiences opened up new dimensions in the realm of leadership, prompting me to reflect deeply on the distinguishing elements that set a leader apart from others, based on my philosophy (the distinguishing elements that set a TRUE LEADER apart from LEADERS)

This tale of contradictions, challenges, and revelations laid the foundation for what would later become the MAKKI method.

As a leadership coach and entrepreneur, I observed the ever-evolving landscape of leadership, recognizing a need for a holistic approach that goes beyond the conventional paradigms, addressing the whole human experience.

The MAKKI method's name represents its five pillars: Mindset, Attitude, Knack, Knowledge, and Internalization.


·        M-Mindset

Your mindset is the foundation for transformation. Leadership starts from within, grounded in a growth mindset embracing continuous learning. A positive mindset fuels resilience and opens you up to opportunities.

·        A-Attitude

Your attitude shapes your actions and interactions. Research shows a positive attitude correlates with well-being and success. See challenges as chances to improve yourself and your impact.

·        K-Knack

Recognize your unique talents and strengths. Understand what sets you apart so you can leverage your skills. Find your "genius zone" to carve a purpose-driven niche and foster innovation.

·        K-Knowledge

Constant learning is key to growth. Commit to self-knowledge, experiences, and education to stay adaptive and solve problems. View hurdles as growth opportunities to enhance your expertise.

·        I-Internalization

Integrate principles into your core. Make leadership authentic by internalizing positive habits and character values. Sustainable change happens from the inside out.


Developing the MAKKI Method over the past decade has been an invaluable journey of discovery for me. By distilling universal principles evidenced throughout history and cultures into five simple yet profound pillars, it offers a blueprint for anyone committed to evolving into their highest self. Most of all, it has helped me lead with greater confidence, compassion and effectiveness by staying rooted in what really nourishes the human spirit.

While cultivating TRUE Leadership is a lifelong endeavor, you don't need to wait to begin reaping benefits. In this post, I'll share a practical 5-step process for getting your MAKKI journey off the ground.


·        Step 1: Mindset Check-In

The first pillar being Mindset, start there. Reflect on your dominant thoughts regarding yourself, others, and the world. Are they bringing you up or weighing you down? Make it a daily practice to catch any negative self-talk, and consciously shift to an empowering perspective instead. Even simple changes, like using "I can" over "I can't," have tremendous power over time.

·        Step 2: Attitude Adjustment

Next turn your attention to how you carry yourself. Look for opportunities each day to spread good cheer through patience, compassion and acts of kindness - both big and small. Smile, make sincere eye contact, give honest compliments freely. Notice how a shift in attitude begins changing your emotional state and interactions.

·        Step 3: Identify Your Knacks

Now get curious - what do you excel at when you lose track of time, feeling totally in your element? These clues point to your natural Knacks or talents. Reflect on past successes and praise from others to identify patterns of your strengths. Don't worry if it's not clear yet - be patient and keep observing your unique genius unfolding.

·        Step 4: Knowledge Acquisition

With your strengths in mind, think of related topics that spark your curiosity. Make a plan to learn more through books, online resources, podcasts - whatever energizes your mind. Consume knowledge voraciously yet judiciously based on your purpose. Developing expertise tangential to your talents will deepen your impact over time.

·        Step 5: Internalize Principles

Integrate one MAKKI principle per month through storytelling or affirmations. Make it part of morning/night routines. Note small wins and stay consistent. Over time, principles will become second nature


My hope is that by sharing the essence of my experience, others may find guidance to cultivate the leadership awakening simmering inside them all along.

There are no limits to how much we can uplift one another when we walk in our truth. If any part of my story resonates, please reach out - I'd love to discuss further stages of your path.


-Lead with creed, lead with character-

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Dr. Houssam Makki

True Leadership Catalyst & Character-Building Coach

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