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You can WIN or be the CHAMPION

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

To win it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a champion but to become the champion you are a winner.

Many things in life require us to pause, think about, and reflect deeply, to understand its meaning and how powerful it is to change our perspective in a positive way for a better outcome.

The word “champion” describes a winner in a game or a race, right? That’s what we’ve been taught, but growing through life, I discovered that the same word has a different meaning…champion means uniqueness!

Sadly saying, in our society we don’t teach the younger generation that the word champion means uniqueness.

Yes, we are all champions of God, but parents nowadays are putting so much effort to show that their kids are the best; they even tell them that, it is also strange to see parents dealing with their kids with the leveraging concept!

For example, a father telling his kid: “I am taking you on a vacation so you get me good grades, you have no excuse“ or “I am investing in you because I am expecting from you to make my dream come true by becoming a doctor” even worse “ I want you to have a better job so you can live better than X person” the concept of proving others wrong is a kind of competition, parents are teaching their kids that winning is the only goal to set you apart from others, not raising their awareness about the real meaning of being a champion so they can explore their uniqueness, and if the kid failed, he or she gets punished.

Not long ago I was watching the series “Rocky Balboa”. It is a series of movies about a champion’s Journey. All of these movies are awesome and no matter how many times I watch them, I learn something new.

Let me share with you something from what I learned from part “4” of this series. When Rocky had to fight a Russian boxer called “Ivan Drago” who was a giant and heavily trained by the latest and highest tech equipment at that time as a machine, and taught to fight strategically, it was known that “Drago” could knock down any boxer in maximum 3 rounds if not less, and because he is trained like a machine, his punch can kill anyone that he fights against, just like what it did with Rocky’s best friend earlier in the movie.

There was the scene when Rocky traveled to Russia to play against the (Big Russian) Drago. It was obvious who was going to be the winner, both of them started their training and practices, Rocky in nature and Drago through equipments.

Many predicted that the fight won’t take long but it was surprising to everyone who was watching the fight that it went for more than 12 rounds.

The best part was when the 2 boxers were resting in between the rounds. His training team told Drago things like: “you are not doing what you were told to do” and, “Rocky is small and weak” while Rocky’s coach lifted his spirit to stay focused and keep going.

The second time out again “Drago” was told things like “How can you do this? this boxer is nothing, he is soft” but “Drago replied, “He is not a human, he is like a piece of iron” on the other hand Rocky was motivated because he was able to shake the big Russian’s system and prove that he was not a machine, he is a man and by proving that, his coach told him that he earned the fight and repeated the words “no pain” to keep the spirit up!

Reaching the final round, the crowd was cheering for Rocky for his solidness and determination, and this time Drago’s Team Manager said to the trainer: “You trained this fool, he is a disgrace” then he said to Drago “listen to our people, they are cheering for him, go and WIN!”

In the end, Rocky won over the big Russian and earned the crowd’s respect, why? Because he wasn’t focusing on winning but on doing what he was meant to do and believing that he can do it, despite what the surroundings were thinking, saying, and predicting about this fight.

You may win at something, you may succeed in many areas, you may achieve high positions or receive many awards but if this wasn’t what you were meant to do on this earth and this thing has nothing to do with your desire and passion except feeding your self-satisfaction… you will remain a winner but never a champion

A champion knows by heart his lane; if he won over, he will be automatically shining to the world.

A champion never puts the effort to grab the attention of others but all that he does is simply what is required of him to do, that is:

· Know who he is

· Tie himself to a goal.

· Believe in himself and that he and what he does matter.

· Never stand still, never look back, never look right nor left...keep moving forward.

Remember you are a champion, you are unique.

I am Houssam Makki, I am the reborn, this is my message, and I am paying it forward to inspire others.

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