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Dr. Houssam was reborn and raised in Kuwait and he graduated from high school in the year of 1999. He was not able to attend a university early on because of his family’s financial situation, but this didn’t stop him there.
His experience does not come from one background, Dr. Makki worked in many fields such as IT, sales, marketing, and customer service but he couldn’t find himself in any of them.

Dr. Houssam went through many challenges and tough situations, his major breakthrough was when he lost his business back in 2009 due to an economic crisis. This incident made him realize that a huge piece of the puzzle was missing and so in that same year he got a clear message from the lord to start seeking his calling.


In 2013 he was introduced to his true calling, since then Dr. Houssam clarified what work he was to specialize in and decided to act on it! His life's purpose is to transform leaders into true leaders through coaching and speaking, he is committed to teaching leaders the foundations, fundamentals, and force of true leadership, smart decision-making and creative problem-solving,

Specializes in helping leaders identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. He takes great pride in the progress and success of his clients and looks forward to helping them.
Dr. Makki is honored to help his clients: 
•    Reach sustainable positive change.
•    Find their passion
•    Understand their purpose
•    Gain a NEW perspective
•    Maximize their potential and position themselves



Why Dr. Makki is a pioneer in inspiration

Dr. Houssam's story was his inspiration. He is a Reborn! 

At only one year of age, Dr. Houssam accidentally split his head after falling from a three-story building. This traumatic experience left him with a mark that would serve as a constant reminder for many years to come.
Doctors were convinced he would not survive. They labeled him as “a piece of wood” because he lost all his senses and they did not believe he would survive to see another day. He was deaf, blind, and couldn’t speak.

His mother and grandmother were the only two people who saw life in him and who remained his greatest cheerleaders at that time when everyone else saw darkness. 
His mother had unshakeable faith in his recovery, while his grandmother’s wisdom whom he calls "The Solid Anchor of Faith" held her accountable. 

God is a God of second chances. He granted Dr. Makki a second chance to life, gave him back his sensory and he was wholly Reborn.

Growing up, this incident made him curious and his quest on why he was reborn after such a near-death experience increased, developing in his heart the passion for learning about human potential and everything related to life prosperity.
Dr. Makki was able to overcome his tragedy and the entire challenges package that came with it, which increased his faith that he was reborn to inspire and that God bets on his greatness.
He even believes that he was reborn to encourage those he gets in touch with to embrace that idea and start operating in life according to it.

He purposed to inspire and encourage other people going through tough times that they too have a reason for their existence and they can get themselves back up again. He helps them see life from a different perspective to become whom they desire to be.

Why Dr. Makki is a pioneer in inspiration

Dr. Makki & T.R.U.E. Leadership

Many events in his life led him to the component that he thought was missing! It is called: (Leadership)
Through all the lessons learned from bad experiences, he discovered his passion!
His journey with leadership goes back to the year 2010 when he joined one of the well-known network marketing companies. 
It was something new to him at that time, and the great thing was that the company offered free training sessions; this was overwhelming to him because he never thought that such an environment exists!

In these training sessions, Dr. Houssam was introduced to the concept of Leadership, which was beyond his comprehension back then, he always thought that Leadership is strictly for those who have academic achievements simply because we were never taught to lead but only accept and obey what the society had to offer in terms of inherited understandings.

After each session, Dr. Makki used to observe & experience a lot of contradictions between what was shared in the training hall versus what is going on in the field … this is when the love story with leadership began!

Studying leadership for a decade now fructified the fruit of the true leadership philosophy.

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